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Ivan Milisic

Artist based in Paris, he is a member of the Maison des Artistes. He works on different media: paper drawing, acrylic painting, digital drawing and sculpture, 3D modeling.

His research focuses mainly on how figurative representation can switch to the abstract. His inspiration comes as much from the works of Philip Glass as from baroque and ancient music, post-industrial culture, and contemporary dance photography.

Ivan is one of the featured artists in the #29 print issue of the "Create!" magazine.


"Sculpture" 2023.

solo show, Paris

Openbach residents group show 2022.

group exhibition, Paris: drawing, pastel on black paper, big format

"In the City" 2022.

group exhibition, Paris: 3D videos displayed on large screens

"Du noir et blanc" 2022.

group exhibition, Paris: drawings, pastel on black paper, mixed formats

"Lum" 2021.

solo exhibition, Paris: drawings, pastel on black paper, large formats

"Skin" 2016.

group exhibition with the association SKIN, Paris: drawings, ink, and graphite on paper, large formats